Born in Virginia Beach, VA Kai Immanuel Alonzo Braithwaite began his training at the Harlem School of the Arts in New York City at the age of 8. He went on to have a career on Broadway performing as the Young Simba in The Lion King. He then continued his career in Europe as a Ballet dancer after graduating from SUNY Purchase College with a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts in 2009. Raised in Harlem NY by his late grandmother, Ethnie Ursula Braithwaite, Kai grew up in a household of strong women which enabled him to overcome obstacles of a warrior and persevere.
During his Senior year in college Kai was offered a position with the Dance Theater of Harlem under the direction of Arthur Mitchell but due to cultural circumstances and slim opportunity decided to move to Germany.
Upon moving to Germany Kai has been able to find balance between all passions and incorporate all aspects of himself whether it be song writing, event managing or simply being a mentor for others. He is currently working at the Komischer Oper Berlin and continues to seek new life inspiring adventures always remembering that you have to believe in yourself before anyone else can believe in you! 

As a child with a wild curiosity and a big mouth I began oratory and poetry competitions. This was always secondary to dance but somehow I found more success with it winning more oratory competitions then I would with dance! It began to come out again as an adult. Feeling obliged to keep journals or write songs stuck in my head it became a safe space for connection to myself. After having so much thoughts written down it was inevitable that I would later find another means of expressing them but I never expected something like this. So at my grandmother’s funeral I was to sing a song. So nervous I picked amazing grace because it’s the easiest song and you cant really mess it up. Well I did mess it up and I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t even finish the song. My sister, Renee, helped me and I was saved but because of traits like perfectionism I would not let it down and I promised my late grandmother that I would use what she taught me and learn how to sing in front of an audience. You see my Grandma raised me and she was the one that put me in all the schooling. So it was her drive that dragged me auditions after school or her drive that enrolled me into an academy which enabled me to have a broadway career at 12 or graduate college. Shortly after I arrived to Germany and the 1st thing I did was sign up for the theater band at Staatstheater Bremerhaven. Turned out I was pretty good and continued since then building up to the point I am now. So with my first single I guess I can say that I have gotten over the fear of singing to a live audience!