Love Me – New Song Out Now!

At a certain point in my life I realised that I was looking for love and I couldn’t find it! I searched everywhere at work at leisure time but never did I search in my personal time. I could not sit with myself and therefore ignored my basic needs of health respect and safety! I began to blame my surroundings and say it’s someone else’s fault! Then came a point when it all caught up to me! It was then I realised that no one is going to take care of me or live for me until I love myself and going out to party and behaving to please others was not the way. I understood at that point I have to please myself and be happy with myself. Also I realised that i didn’t know what love was because I never practiced it for myself! I have a lot to other people expecting them to return it but that was not love love is not a card or a gift love is simply respect and understanding of what is! Now I am beginning to understand myself and acknowledging that I don’t love myself is the first step to recovery!!!